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Human Design and Your Relationships

Join me as I talk to the lovely Cynthia Pecking about how you can harness the power of your Human Design in your relationships.  Be

How reliable is your information

Many many years ago I did GCSE and A Level History… I have no idea why I chose them and I’ve never really accredited them

Why look into your Human Design?

What even is Human Design? Maybe you’ve heard of it, or you’ve heard me talk about it and you’re curious? Well it is kind of

Marketing Lessons: Spotify

Spotify is not something I need… It is a nice to have, if I feel I’m not using it I cancel it. I rarely listen

Woo vs Science

If you think about it, the way you are reading this post is pretty much beyond comprehension and makes no sense. There is a piece

Accountability starts with you

Time for some tough love. In order to get results YOU need to decide you’re all in. That you will participate, join in and let

How can I make more sales?

Right now a slow down in sales is not something anyone wants to see, but for some it is a reality. Below are some ideas

Today I failed…

Or did I? I was supposed to be working ON my business today, and pretty much all week, with some trips out mixed in. I

How did I become a coach?

Well it started in 2013 when I left my job at a Marketing Agency in London’s West End to start a cake business, KatyBakey. A

What Are You Avoiding?

We all avoid something every day, going out in the rain, our overly chatty neighbour that we just can’t escape from… being tempted by ALL

Are you setting yourself up to fail?

Don’t underestimate how important the basics are.⁠⁠This is exactly what I did yesterday. It started the night before, I was on the phone chatting to

How To Stay Motivated

Sometimes the reality is you just don’t feel like it…. so how do you make sure you stay motivated even on those down days? The

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