How to interpret your Human Design chart

When it comes to Human Design there tend to be 2 types of people.

Those that want to jump down the rabbit hole and learn how to interpret their chart themselves, learning ALL the things and understanding how it all works.

And those who just want someone to tell them what it all means.

The Video on this page is for the former… and if you don’t know which type you are yet after watching you will!

Human Design isn’t necessarily complicated, but it is involved. There is a lot to learn and many moving parts which can seem overwhelming.

The aim of this video is to help explain the anatomy of the chart, explain some of the terms and where to start if you want to research your chart yourself.

If you start to watch and think woa…. then you would probably prefer booking in a session to have the main points explained to you.

I also have a membership, Strategy Unlocked™, where we explore the chart one part at a time and have monthly Zoom sessions where we can talk all things Human Design, which works for both types. You can either stick to the bite size trainings I share, or go on your own journey and bring your questions to the group.

So on to the video…

I’d love to know how you got on, so you can come join me over in The Missing Piece

Or if you would like to work together on your design you can find the links to book here

And if you would like to know more about my Human Design journey including my recommended resources you can read some of my other blogs here.

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