Human Design: How my 2/4 profile shows up

The Hermit/Mayor – Are you a 2/4 profile, or do you have one in your life?

Today I listened to a Podcast from Jamie Palmer all about the 2/4 profile… and there is so much I could say about the info shared in the episode. It explains exactly how I feel interacting with the world.

My whole life I felt conflicted, I constantly switch between wanting to see, and be with all the people…then I don’t want to see any people, I want to stay at home and not speak to anyone. Too many people. Then I get sad, that I’m not out and about seeing all the people again. It confused me… why the dramatic switch… Am I bipolar, why do I feel like two different people?

Turns out that is just how I am, and for me, that is perfectly normal, and what I need. I can not tell you how much difference knowing that has made to my life. And more importantly I now have a way of explaining it to others.

It’s not me ignoring you. It’s not me not wanting to talk to you, I literally can’t talk to any more people until I’ve had time to reset.

If you are intrigued go have a listen… does it sound like me?

Do you see the hermit (2).. or do you see the Mayor (4)? Most of you will see the 4, me online, showing up, attending networking, delivering training, sharing my message… but the 2 is there too. And it is strong! If I don’t take time to myself the 4 can’t show up.

However, listening to the podcast also shows when looking into your Human Design how important it is to look at the whole chart, not just each part in isolation. In the podcast it mentions that a 2/4 doesn’t like to be asked to explain the process… That part isn’t me. I can and I do.

There are several parts in my chart that gives me the ability to look at the details, to break it down into the steps. So when you layer it together, it creates a different picture.

Evidence of this is I spent 4 years at Uni literally explaining how to do things to others, recording every step of the process. A huge part of my science degree involved explaining to others exactly what I had done. The purpose of writing a paper (What you did and how you did it) is so that anyone anywhere can pick it up, read it, conduct the exact same experiment I did, and create the same results, without having to speak to me.

So even though I am a 2/4 I can explain the steps!

How much of that comes from my chart, and how much from the 4 years of learning how to do it… who knows.

For me, Human design doesn’t tell me what I am or what I am not. It helps my understanding of things I always knew to be true. Helps me articulate the things I need to best support me to others, and know which areas I can add in additional support to reach my goals.

If you are even slightly intrigued go have a look into your chart and see what you find.

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