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What, where, when and who.

One of the most important parts of your business is your marketing. Hence it deserves it’s own strategy. As well as the ongoing coaching support I also offer help with writing your marketing plan. Once completed you can follow the plan and implement it yourself or if you outsource to a third party it makes sure everyone is on the same page.

We spend 3.5 hrs working through my template tailoring it to your business, helping you create your next steps and get clear on what and where you should be posting. Some of the areas we cover are:

Your Aims

Who you are targeting

Client pain points/desires and your USP

What platforms to use

Your messaging

Your content strategy

Your engagement strategy

And Implementation

For the first time, I understand what I am trying to achieve with my marketing. Setting the aims at the beginning of the session was so key and useful, because when I was making choices further down the plan I could easily see how the choice connected with one of my aims. Before the session I was so much in the “I need to get this done” but hadn’t taken any time to consolidate why. And on the days when motivation is low, coming back to my aims for my marketing plan can really reignite my spark to dive back in.

Charlotte Clarke – The Self Connect Champion

The template is yours to continue to flesh out all of the details, how much we get done in the 3.5 hours will depend on how much you already have in place for your marketing. But you will walk away with clarity on your next steps, and have a full understanding of how you should be moving forward with your marketing.

Investment £450

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