Get clear on your product suite

Let’s be blunt, if you aren’t clear on what you sell, how much you sell if for and how many you need to sell, you are going to struggle.

It isn’t just about the numbers, that part is obvious. We need the maths to add up to run a successful business. (Which we will cover in this session)

But not being clear has a knock on effect to your marketing. If you don’t know, how will your audience know?

People come to me asking for help with their social media, they don’t know what to post. 9/10 it is because they aren’t clear on what they sell. What service they are providing to their client. They don’t need help with social media they need clarity around what they do.

To work out who you are selling to, you need to be clear on what you are selling and for how much.

Once you know that you can plan your social media. It all falls into place. Simple.

We spend 3hrs getting clear on exactly what services/products you offer your clients.

Working out how much you charge for each one.

How many sales you need throughout the year to meet your targets. (The MONEY part)

Spot the gaps in your offering, balance the numbers, is it going to work?

You leave the session with complete clarity around your offering. How you help your clients.

You are now ready to go on to work out your marketing and social media content. (Need help with that? click here)

But without being clear first on what you sell, working out how to sell it isn’t going to work.

Investment: £225

If you’re considering working with Katy, don’t hesitate. She will hold you accountable in a firm but friendly way and is experienced in the many areas needed to succeed in running a small business. Your business will thank you for having Katy on Board!

Angela Bamforth, Three Interiors

The Money week has brought clarity and structure into my strategy that I’ve desperately been trying to find for years. I have so many ideas and dreams but you, Katy, with your plug-and-play worksheets and clear guidance, have helped me finally see how much revenue I’ll need to achieve my dreams! I’m feeling supercharged and ready to start implementing. Thank you!’

Cynthia Pecking The Blue Letter Project

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