Kick-start your strategy

Putting it all together, get clear on when and how you will achieve your goals

We hear about strategy all the time in business, “Have you written your strategy yet?” but what does it actually mean and what does it involve?

One: Work out where you are now and where you want to be (My business MOT). What is working and what isn’t.

Two: Work out what you sell, for what price and how many you will need to sell (Sales Forecasting) The MONEY

Three: Check in with your business MODEL, how is that going to look, do you have all of your systems and procedures in place?

Four: MARKETING – we go back to the foundations and make sure you are doing the right things, not ALL the things. 

Five: MINDSET – Check in with YOU, does what you have so far work for you, your lifestyle, your wants and needs? Is there anything that might hold you back from achieving your goals? 

Six: Now we can start getting that MOMENTUM – time to write the strategy and start to implement it. The what, the when and the how. The strategy piece, how are you going to move forward?

Start too soon, without all of the steps and you might just end up doing the wrong thing.

And that is why I created Kick-start your strategy. A set of six sessions to help you work through each of the steps one at a time.

Why can’t we do all of that in one session? – We could try but guarantee your head would hurt by the end of it and you won’t enjoy it. Breaking it down gives you the best results, and time to implement as we go.

At the end of the programme you will have all of the knowledge and confidence that your strategy is exactly what you need it to be. And the tools to help you implement it.

No guesswork 

No overwhelm 

Instead clarity, and a workable plan suited to you and your business. 

We start with an initial 2 hour deep dive on your business and then have 5 further calls (1hr) to take you through all of the key business areas to make sure your strategy is on point. All sessions take place over Zoom. To keep you on track you also receive voice support between sessions.

The investment is £770 (Split payment option available)

Are you in?

I’ve worked with some brilliant coaches who have helped me work out what I want in my business and home life, but Katy has been helping me actually make it happen!

Steph Cronin – Black Bee Creative

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