The Implementor Programme

Taking Action and Keeping focus

Creating consistency

Guidance and support

So, What Is The
Implementor Programme?

In short it is an accountability membership.

We can write the best strategy in the world but if we don’t take action and implement it, then, well frankly, it was a waste of time. 

I realised that the common theme of my 121 coaching was building momentum and taking action, and providing support along the way. 

So I created a membership to help you do just that at a fraction of the cost.

There are three levels of support  – Action – Amplify and Accelerate. 

Together we work through a rolling 6 week cycle to help eliminate any boom or bust cycles creating consistency and stability within your business.

We work with two themes: The business basics to create stability, and your own specific targets to create growth.  

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, so as well as business growth  its a great chance to create connections with other like minded business owners who are on the same journey as you. You are no longer on your own. 

Sounds good? 

How does it work?

First decide which level of support is right for you. 

Implementor Action – £33pm

We start with a 121 call with me to create intentions specific to your business and strategy. Making sure you are clear on what action you want to be held accountable for. 

Then you join the Facebook group. As well as your own goals, we run on a 6 weekly cycle to keep your business basics under control, with prompts and guidance from me each week. 

We have weekly Intention statements, accountability check ins and co-working implementation sessions. As well as access to Zoom Q&As to help brainstorm any problems and sense check your ideas. 

A membership area with training to get you on track with my Business MOT and downloadable templates.  

And of course getting to know and support other like minded business owners. 

Implementor Amplify – £55pm

This is for you if you need that little bit of extra accountability. All the benefits of ‘Action’, but with a weekly voice note check in from me to help keep you on track. 

Implementor Accelerate – £125pm

When you need that little bit of one to one support, in addition to the group and voice note support we also have a monthly 1hr session on Zoom to help make sure you are focused and moving forward. 

Your Commitment

With no tie in you can stay for as long or as little as you need. If you want to change your level of support you can upgrade or downgrade as circumstance require. 

Thank you Katy for letting me work with my chaos but also for giving me the push I needed to use simple strategy techniques like time blocking to assist me in planning my week… I’m actually doing it 😳😆… The Implementer Programme is brilliant I’m loving the support and the accountability, thank you, thank you, thank you 🙌🤍👑💫

El Jedras, Evolveology


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