How can we work together?

I offer a range of 121 services, my group membership or my self study courses. All based around my 6 step Framework, designed to help you take a step back and see what is really going on in your business so we can make the decisions that will create the most impact.self study


Kick-Start Your Strategy

Need help with your strategy? Then start here.

You will walk away with:

A clear understanding of what is holding you back in your business.

Knowing where you need to focus your attention.

An understanding of how your Human Design can support you in your business journey.

A six week plan of your next steps.

The Implementor Programme

If you want help to stay on track and take action on all of the above then my Accountability Membership may be just what you need. From £33 a month it is the perfect low cost way to stay in my world and for me to support you while you implement your plans.

Need to pick my brains and get some quick answers?

Book in a 1.5hr zoom session to clear the fog and help you get unstuck and moving forward quickly - £125

Your Business MOT (2.5hr session)

You will walk away with: A clear understanding of what is holding you back in your business. Where you need to focus your attention. What next steps you need to move forward. - £225

Get clear on exactly what you are selling

The MONEY part - A 3 hour session to make sure the numbers add up. Checking your financial goals and getting clear on what you sell and your pricing - £225

Create your marketing plan

Time to get intentional with your marketing. We spend 3.5 hours planning the most effective strategies and platforms to reach your goals. With a full marketing plan template for you to use again and again. - £450

Self Study Courses

Six months 121 Support

Running a business on your own can be lonely. A million things to do… and no one to help you. Making decisions can feel daunting. 

Together we work through what steps to take to get you where you want to be.

Not sure which one is right for you?

Then let’s jump on a call and we can decide what would work best for where you are now. 

Have a question for me?

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