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What even is Human Design? Maybe you’ve heard of it, or you’ve heard me talk about it and you’re curious? 

Well it is kind of difficult to explain WHAT it is without getting super technical and so I’m not going to. Instead I am going to tell you how it has helped me.  

In summary I would say Human Design gives you permission to be the person you already know you are. It helps you to understand what works for you, what doesn’t, what might trip you up and areas you may need additional support. 

It helps to stop comparing our behavior to others wondering why we are different, eliminating the question ‘should I be doing what they are doing?’

There are so many ways understanding your design can help you move through life with more ease and less pressure to ‘be like everyone else’ we really are different and somehow understanding my design has let me fully embrace that fact. 

How deeply you look into it will be up to you, but it can help with your life and business. Once you start exploring what’s out there you will find many HD experts have niched down to look at a particular area of your life. 

I have been equally interested in how it can help me with my marketing as much as picking the perfect holiday destination. It has also helped me to have a greater insight into how I can help my clients, we don’t focus on Human Design, but for most of them I now have their charts. I can see how they like to receive information, the pace they like to work at, and areas where they may need additional support.  

It can also help you better understand your relationships with others, friends, family, partners and even children.

So if you are ready to find out more, join me for this exploratory session to start to uncover the magic in your chart.

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I’ve worked with some brilliant coaches who have helped me work out what I want in my business and home life, but Katy has been helping me actually make it happen!

Steph Cronin – Black Bee Creative

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