Do you look at the bigger picture…. or get lost in the day to day?

Today’s lesson from my tidying spree is to make sure you look at the bigger picture as you will achieve the results you want far more effectively. The reason for me starting this epic decluttering spree was well, no internet, but mainly because I have run out of space!! My home is full and it is annoying me I can’t put anything away any more. Every time I open a cupboard or drawer it is like a game of Jenga trying to get at anything. I need more space!

A big part of the problem is my cake equipment, there is ALOT of it! Storage boxes in the lounge, in the hall, the hall cupboard and the wardrobe in my office/spare room. Four different places. Once a year I clear them all out and re-organise etc. and here is the BUT….

BUT I do each area separately at different times independently of each other. Today I am undertaking to sort all four of them at the same time… so far I have only done 2 of them, and already I have whittled down 14 boxed to 10! I have 4 empty boxes…. result the more space I was looking for. Some of the boxes were only half full – by looking at the bigger picture I have consolidated them and achieved the result I wanted. Once I start on the two cupboards as well I have no doubt I will get even more space back… as I will maximise the WHOLE space… not just the four different parts.

So my question to you… do you look at the bigger picture, see all of the moving parts… how they all work together to get the best result… or are you missing something obvious by getting too caught up in what you are used to?

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