How reliable is your information

Many many years ago I did GCSE and A Level History… I have no idea why I chose them and I’ve never really accredited them with helping me on my journey. 

But actually they taught me some very important lessons.

  • Primary source
  • Secondary source
  • Bias 
  • Propaganda.

History is littered with conflicts and misunderstandings. On a universal scale and in our day to day lives.

Each piece of information we consume is just part of the bigger picture, the ‘whole story’.

Key details may have been dropped, abbreviated, approximated… simplified… changing the meaning.

What we consume will also pass through our own filter of bias and pre-formed ideas.

Even if the information going in is from a first hand witness, by the time they share with us it will have gone through their own filter. By the time this propagates through a secondary source…third, fourth hand story… think Chinese whispers with added spin. 

It is down to each and every single one of us: 

  • To limit our assumptions based on what we consume. (Think we know) 
  • To understand where our info comes from. 
  • To understand our own bias (and that of others) 
  • To fully consider the impact of not actively seeking the full picture. 
  • To limit adding to the spread of mis-information and confusion.
  • To take responsibility where we may have inadvertently contributed to a misunderstanding 
  • To go back to source and have the difficult conversations if needed, rather than rely on secondary information. (Clear the air) 

This applies to so many different aspects of life… if we want to make the online space better, this is how we start. Both in terms of gossip, rumours, judgements and plain old incorrect facts.

What changes can you make to help be part of the solution?

Katy x 

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