How can I make more sales?

Right now a slow down in sales is not something anyone wants to see, but for some it is a reality. Below are some ideas to help you focus and make some tweaks to keep bringing in those sales.

Review your products and services… what ones would be most helpful to your current audience right now? Focus down on the things they need at the moment.   

Adapt your sales copy to be relevant for their situation now. Things might be changing for them – acknowledge that in your copy and your posts.

Follow up on past leads. If someone was thinking about working with you before, could it be the case that they need it even more now? Or there is a slightly different version that would be more suitable?

Engage with the audience you already have. Don’t just put content out there, comment reply, talk to the followers you already have.

Do a mini review of your SM links and website etc, are they all working, is it easy for your client to buy from you? If they were on the fence and hit a road block you’ll loose them.

Social media reach is unpredictable at the best of times, and seems to be even more so at the moment. Review your website and your google presence, is there more you could be doing to be found online by search engines.

Go old school – how are your relationships with other people in your industry and network? Even old clients. Is it time to pick up the phone and check back in to help remind everyone who you are? Referrals and word of mouth recommendations are going to be even more important at the moment.

The main thing is whatever you do don’t panic. Double down on what has worked before, or make some tweaks. Normally the last thing we need to do is chuck everything out the window and start again. Knee jerk reactions made from panic and fear aren’t going to help anyone right now. Take a step back, review and amend. You got this!! 

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Katy x 

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