Today I failed…

Or did I?

I was supposed to be working ON my business today, and pretty much all week, with some trips out mixed in.

I am going away to Bath for the night on Wednesday and yesterday when I looked I couldn’t find the booking confirmation anywhere. I was starting to think I had failed to properly book the hotel. (Which is totally not like me)

I decided to ring them this morning, and spent half an hour on the phone to a lovely lady at The Bath Spa Hotel to discover, no I do not have a booking! Computer says no.

Once I was off the phone feeling sad I no longer had a trip to go on, unless I paid £300 now instead of the £150 I booked it at, I was looking at the website I had taken the number from and it said Gainsborough Bath Spa Hotel…. Hmmm I thought it was The Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel…

I swear when I lived there, granted over 20 years ago, there was only one. THE Bath spa hotel.

Now there appear to be two!

In my defence everything in Bath looks the same, all buildings are built of the same bath stone it is what they are famous for. Couple that with the same Regency interior and mention of the spa, they do look pretty similar. And so do the websites!

Anyway, start again with the other hotel and yes I do have a booking! I still don’t have any of the original booking info, (yes I checked my spam) but it is now sorted.

So I wasted half the morning, ringing the wrong hotel, then the right one.

Then my friend phoned who I haven’t spoken to in ages and so obviously I told them the whole story and it’s now 14:30 and I haven’t done any work yet!

I am leaving here at 16:00 to go to the pub with my friends, my pre-planned reward for spending the entire day working on my business.

My first thought was, I have failed.

Well done Katy you haven’t managed to achieve anything!! You’ve wasted the entire day.

But have I?

Working on my business was an arbitrary goal I set myself, I am working on it all week off and on. And turns out on Friday my plans are cancelled so I have all day then to catch up.

So actually no I haven’t failed at all. It is only my own self imposed version of failure.

I also had the perfect example of how my conditioning from 20 years ago (assuming there is only one Bath Spa hotel) led me into making a mistake to share with my membership group, which tied in perfectly to this weeks message about how important it is to always question what you think, is it still helpful? Does it still serve you? So that was a win!

Someone else I told the story to said, ooo lets go to Bath in October, so I am getting another trip away. Another Win

And I have a topic for a newsletter and some social media posts! 

But my point is, next time you tell yourself you have failed at something, check in and see if that is really the case.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Maybe everything worked out just fine.

And most importantly – remember if you are visiting Bath, there are two Bath Spa Hotels!

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