Why look into your Human Design?

What even is Human Design? Maybe you’ve heard of it, or you’ve heard me talk about it and you’re curious?

Well it is kind of difficult to explain WHAT it is without getting super technical and so I’m not going to. Instead I am going to tell you a few ways it has helped me. Then if you want to get started you can go have a read of my blog about all of the resources I have collated so far.

In summary I would say Human Design gives you permission to be the person you already know you are. It helps you to understand what works for you, what doesn’t, what might trip you up and areas you may need additional support. It helps to stop comparing our behaviour to others wondering why we are different, eliminating the question ‘should I be doing what they are doing?’

For example, my whole life I’ve not really eaten breakfast, most of the time I don’t want to. And when I do it is out of some societal pressure because I’ve been told it’s ‘the most important meal of the day’. I am also a night owl, I prefer working into the evening than getting up early. As entrepreneurs we often hear about the 5am club – it just doesn’t work for me.

One of the things that I discovered by looking at my Human Design was the way in which I am designed to eat – Guess what it came back as nocturnal (Indirect Light). I am not designed to eat breakfast or get up early! Now at the time of writing this I am 45 and I discovered my Human Design at the age of 43. Having someone tell me I don’t need to eat breakfast seems silly, but somehow this external validation telling me I was right all along made me so happy. I could stop trying to eat breakfast and be a morning person and fully embrace how I really felt.

That is just one example, another is all about how I have always felt conflicted about my desire to be around people and then how I can flit to ‘NO MORE PEOPLE’ so easily. I never understood where the balance was and why I would literally hide away after a day out and about. Now I know, it is part of my design… if you want to know why you can read all about my 2/4 profile here.

There are so many ways understanding your design can help you move through life with more ease and less pressure to ‘be like everyone else’ we really are different and somehow understanding my design has let me fully embrace that fact. How deeply you look into it will be up to you, but it can help with your life and business. Once you start exploring what’s out there you will find many HD experts have niched down to look at a particular area of your life. I have been equally interested in how it can help me with my marketing as much as picking the perfect holiday destination.

It has also helped me to have a greater insight into how I can help my clients, we don’t focus on Human Design, but for most of them I now have their charts. I can see how they like to receive information, the pace they like to work at, and areas where they may need additional support.

It can help you better understand your relationships with others. Friends, family, partners and even children.

I am going to give you a warning though, even though it gives you a blue print to work from, it isn’t supposed to be restrictive, it is a guide, something to be experimented with, tried on and played with. If you do decide to take the plunge and explore your own design remember to look at the full picture and don’t fixate on any one aspect. There will be areas of your chart that uncover your weaknesses or areas that can trip you up – but that isn’t an excuse or something you have to accept, the purpose is for you to uncover ways in which you can add in areas of support, not just say… Oh well that’s just how I am, it doesn’t have to be. You always get to choose.

Just so happens I chose not to be a morning person! When looking at what indirect light means there is more than one way to interpret it, and actually the real answer is it does depend. But in general I don’t eat in the mornings. The point is I no longer worry about it.

So what do you think, are you going to go take a look at your design?

Read my blog on where to get started here

My favourite Human Design Resources

When I first heard of Human Design I had no idea what it was or what it meant. I downloaded my chart… and that is as far as I got.

Six months later I met the lovely Shari Thompson on a mastermind. As soon as she mentioned human design I jumped in and booked a reading. I wanted to know more. Shari opened the door for me, but I didn’t want to just know, I wanted to understand.

Since then over the last 2 years I have collected a vast array of resources that have helped me learn, understand and embody my chart. When I am learning something I need to hear things more than once, and explained in different ways for me to truly understand it.

Sometimes I need words and explanations, sometimes I need charts and graphics.

Initially I started my journey collating free resources, my starting point. Since then I have bought books, courses, and joined a membership. But if you are curious to know more, these may help get you started.

However – simply looking things up won’t show you the full picture of the magic in your chart. How each of the individual parts of the chart come together and combine is the magic. It is like looking at a recipe, the list of ingredients on its own can’t tell you what the end result will be. It is how they are combined that will determine the outcome. If you like what you see then I highly recommend having a reading with an expert who can help you put the pieces together and show you the bigger picture.

But back to it, so first off there is the chart itself. There are many places you can get your chart, they all give you the info in a different way, different colours even. They all come with their own guides, and explanation, some through a personal lens some for business. Have a look and see which one you resonate with the most. When you start to look things up you will see all of the different colours etc, that isn’t really relevant, it is just the visual interpretation.

You will need: Your date, time and place of birth. 





Genetix Matrix is the one that most specialists use to generate charts as their paid version gives you access to more in-depth information. You do have the option to pay for one day if you want to start to look into things more deeply. 

Terminology: Graphic of the chart with the names of all the parts.


This site gives a good overview to get started in understanding all of the different parts, but I didn’t always resonate with the language they use. And it doesn’t mention the Manifesting Generators as their own type.


Undefined – Defined and open centres 


Understanding the meanings of the planets. 


Gates (Use for Sun and Earth) 



The blogs on this site have some great info on the other parts of the chart. 







This lady speaks from the point of view of a projector I found her because she did a really great free course on all of the variables, so your environment, digestion etc… which was relevant to all types. 



Other Useful sites 



Instagram Accounts I follow: These I find really helpful as I get a little piece of info one at a time.







Human Design: How my 2/4 profile shows up

The Hermit/Mayor – Are you a 2/4 profile, or do you have one in your life?

Today I listened to a Podcast from Jamie Palmer all about the 2/4 profile… and there is so much I could say about the info shared in the episode. It explains exactly how I feel interacting with the world.

My whole life I felt conflicted, I constantly switch between wanting to see, and be with all the people…then I don’t want to see any people, I want to stay at home and not speak to anyone. Too many people. Then I get sad, that I’m not out and about seeing all the people again. It confused me… why the dramatic switch… Am I bipolar, why do I feel like two different people?

Turns out that is just how I am, and for me, that is perfectly normal, and what I need. I can not tell you how much difference knowing that has made to my life. And more importantly I now have a way of explaining it to others.

It’s not me ignoring you. It’s not me not wanting to talk to you, I literally can’t talk to any more people until I’ve had time to reset.

If you are intrigued go have a listen… does it sound like me?

Do you see the hermit (2).. or do you see the Mayor (4)? Most of you will see the 4, me online, showing up, attending networking, delivering training, sharing my message… but the 2 is there too. And it is strong! If I don’t take time to myself the 4 can’t show up.

However, listening to the podcast also shows when looking into your Human Design how important it is to look at the whole chart, not just each part in isolation. In the podcast it mentions that a 2/4 doesn’t like to be asked to explain the process… That part isn’t me. I can and I do.

There are several parts in my chart that gives me the ability to look at the details, to break it down into the steps. So when you layer it together, it creates a different picture.

Evidence of this is I spent 4 years at Uni literally explaining how to do things to others, recording every step of the process. A huge part of my science degree involved explaining to others exactly what I had done. The purpose of writing a paper (What you did and how you did it) is so that anyone anywhere can pick it up, read it, conduct the exact same experiment I did, and create the same results, without having to speak to me.

So even though I am a 2/4 I can explain the steps!

How much of that comes from my chart, and how much from the 4 years of learning how to do it… who knows.

For me, Human design doesn’t tell me what I am or what I am not. It helps my understanding of things I always knew to be true. Helps me articulate the things I need to best support me to others, and know which areas I can add in additional support to reach my goals.

If you are even slightly intrigued go have a look into your chart and see what you find.

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