My favourite Human Design Resources

When I first heard of Human Design I had no idea what it was or what it meant. I downloaded my chart… and that is as far as I got.

Six months later I met the lovely Shari Thompson on a mastermind. As soon as she mentioned human design I jumped in and booked a reading. I wanted to know more. Shari opened the door for me, but I didn’t want to just know, I wanted to understand.

Since then over the last 2 years I have collected a vast array of resources that have helped me learn, understand and embody my chart. When I am learning something I need to hear things more than once, and explained in different ways for me to truly understand it.

Sometimes I need words and explanations, sometimes I need charts and graphics.

Initially I started my journey collating free resources, my starting point. Since then I have bought books, courses, and joined a membership. But if you are curious to know more, these may help get you started.

However – simply looking things up won’t show you the full picture of the magic in your chart. How each of the individual parts of the chart come together and combine is the magic. It is like looking at a recipe, the list of ingredients on its own can’t tell you what the end result will be. It is how they are combined that will determine the outcome. If you like what you see then I highly recommend having a reading with an expert who can help you put the pieces together and show you the bigger picture.

But back to it, so first off there is the chart itself. There are many places you can get your chart, they all give you the info in a different way, different colours even. They all come with their own guides, and explanation, some through a personal lens some for business. Have a look and see which one you resonate with the most. When you start to look things up you will see all of the different colours etc, that isn’t really relevant, it is just the visual interpretation.

You will need: Your date, time and place of birth.

Genetix Matrix is the one that most specialists use to generate charts as their paid version gives you access to more in-depth information. You do have the option to pay for one day if you want to start to look into things more deeply. 

Terminology: Graphic of the chart with the names of all the parts.

This site gives a good overview to get started in understanding all of the different parts, but I didn’t always resonate with the language they use. And it doesn’t mention the Manifesting Generators as their own type.

Undefined – Defined and open centres

Understanding the meanings of the planets.

Gates (Use for Sun and Earth)

The blogs on this site have some great info on the other parts of the chart.

This lady speaks from the point of view of a projector I found her because she did a really great free course on all of the variables, so your environment, digestion etc… which was relevant to all types.

Other Useful sites

Instagram Accounts I follow: These I find really helpful as I get a little piece of info one at a time.

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